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聚商网络科技有限公司 是一家具有多年网络营销实战经验的网络公司,经验丰富,技术实力雄厚,致力于为各大企业提供更有效的网络营销解决方案,我们一直在努力! Zhengzhou Jushang Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a network company with many years of practical experience in network marketing. With rich experience and strong technical strength, Zhengzhou Jushang Network Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing more effective network marketing solutions for major enterprises. We have been working hard! Service items include: Baidu applet, Baidu love procurement, website construction, website promotion, screen promotion, website SEO optimization, online marketing planning, online marketing training, Baidu promotion package, etc., and reached strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises.

For a long time, Zhengzhou Jushang Technology has provided website construction, website promotion and supporting publicity services for many large and medium-sized enterprises. By providing high-quality, comprehensive and professional technical services, value-added services that meet market needs and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service , Praised by our customers!

       Adhering to the service tenet of "customer first, dedicated service, continuous innovation, and win-win cooperation", Jushang Technology has won recognition and praise from many well-known companies. The well-known companies we serve include: Zhengzhou Palace Hotel, Little Boy Nail Art, Yao Family Thousands of well-known companies including Putty and Jutai Industrial.

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聚商科技的四大优势 Four advantages of choosing Jushang Technology

Strong company strength

The company has been established for 9 years, and has a team of nearly 60 people.

Product R & D ability and network marketing talent training ability, serving thousands of well-known enterprises, social reputation

Well, I have a wealth of practical experience in network promotion.

Professional customer service

The company is equipped with one-on-one full-time customer service to provide you with attentive, thoughtful and efficient services, providing:

Network marketing planning, keyword layout, website construction, network promotion, network maintenance, regular return visits

, Problem handling, order reminders, holiday blessings, website renewal and other services, let you rest assured and worry.

Good social reputation

Self-confidence comes from strength. The company keeps pioneering and innovating. It has strong technology and dares to be the first in the world. 100%

Guaranteed results, adhering to the cooperation concept of invalid full refund, breaking individual peers to collect money and do nothing

The social unhealthy phenomenon has made customers assured and satisfied, and has been well received by customers.

Professional team members

The company has a highly competitive, professional operation team, a large number of experienced seo technologies,

Customer service, administration, art and sales personnel, 9 years experience in seo, has served many well-known

Enterprise, specializing in seo optimization, network-wide marketing, screen promotion and WeChat marketing, etc., is one stop

Network promotion service provider.

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